An introduction to WIPO, including pros and cons

  • A global forum established in 1967 for intellectual property services, policy, information and cooperation
  • Aim is to help governments, businesses, individuals understand the benefits of protecting intellectual property and how to achieve that protection
  • 193 member states
  • It is based in Geneva, Switzerland
  • A global reference source and database for a variety of intellectual property information, including trade mark applications and portfolio management


Madrid – The International Trade Mark System

– Convenient and cost-effective

– You can use the Madrid System if you have a personal or business connection to one of the System’s members • In order to file, you first need a base trade mark

– The cost of an international trade mark includes a basic fee plus additional fees per class and territory

– There is significant variability in the fees charged by different territories

– Most Madrid members are individual countries but there are three regions:

  • EU – the European Union
  • Benelux – Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg
  • OAPI – primarily French speaking African states



  • Less admin: A single centralised application means administrative efficiency
  • More cost effective if 3+ territories
  • Madrid fee calculator to calculate costs
  • No local attorney required (unless an issue arises)
  • Language: Official notifications are in the language of the international registration
  • Subsequent designations can be added at a later date
  • Easy updates to the register – change of name, address, contact details, owner etc
  • Easy online renewals