Congratulations! You provide a service or have a product and now you’re ready to protect your brand. You’ve heard people mention to you that you should trademark your brand but you’re not exactly sure what protection the trademark will give you and what even qualifies as a trademark. That uncertainty is a critical reason why you should hire a trademark attorney.

ByOwnerAlthough a trademark attorney is not required, the USPTO recommends you hire a trademark attorney. The USPTO Trademark Examining Attorneys are helpful. I should know because I worked at the USPTO as a Trademark Examining Attorney. However, the Trademark Examining Attorneys work for the USPTO and not you!

A trademark attorney provides legal advice regarding use of the trademark, filing an application, and the likelihood of success in the registration process. A trademark attorney can help you to fully understand your options. All applications don’t proceed to registration! This means there is a chance that you could file an application and run into problems that could have been avoided had a qualified attorney worked with you. Some issues require you re-file your entire application.

I often speak to entrepreneurs who proudly profess that they have registered their trademark on their own. That’s great! Many people sell their own homes, bandage their own wounds and file their own divorces. Working pro se (without an attorney) can save you money but mistakes you make may cost your more money than you would have paid had you hired a qualified trademark attorney in the first place. Keep in mind that your registration although registered, may not necessarily be valid.


What’s your hesitation in hiring a trademark attorney?