Here’s some interesting #Coronavirus #trademark news!

Looks like Pfizer registered a mark and later assigned it for Veterinary vaccines, veterinary medicines and pharmaceutical preparations, namely, vaccines for the prevention of enteric, respiratory, reproductive, erysipelas, and clostridial diseases in livestock; and vaccines for the treatment of feline infectious peritonitis (“FIP”), feline leukemia; and feline viral rhinotrachetitis (“FVR”) and rabies in cats; rabies; kennel cough; distemper; parvo virus; coronavirus. Here’s a screenshot of their registered trademark. The mark has been in use since 1996!


Also, note that Deep Releev’s been in use since 2005 for Pharmaceutical preparations with antiviral and/or antimicrobial properties for alleviating pain for herpes related microbial infections, namely, cold sores, herpes simplex virus, varicella zoster virus “herpes zoster” “shingles”, and cytomegalovirus, and for use in the treatment of pain for herpetic keratitis, conjunctivitis, HIV retinopathy, viral influenza “flu”, herpes simplex virus 1 “HSV 1”, herpes simplex virus 2 “HSV 2”, esptein barr, papilloma virus, viral parainfluenza, adenovirus, viral encephalitis, viral menigitus, arbovirus, arenavirus, picornavirus, coronavirus!