What’s your favorite Valentine memory? As we approach Valentine’s Day, one of my favorite memories as a child was buying Valentine candy for my classmates! I looked forward to my class Valentine party because I couldn’t wait to get cards and candy from all of my friends.  We were so proud of our Valentine cards, we would take them home and then call each other and read every card to each other.  Yes, this was long before email and text!  Everyone in class received candy or a card and no one felt left out.

What if there was a day to actually show love to your favorite vendor or brand? What if there was a day that we could ensure that no small business felt left out? 

For the LOVE OF YOUR BRAND, I want to ensure you don’t feel left out!

If you could use an extra “love boost” for brand, may I suggest you do the following:

  1.  Monitor your brand and take the time to thank your clients/customers for taking the time to support you.
  2. Spotlight your brand! Get noticed! It can’t hurt to ask your friends and customers to tell a friend about your brand. 
  3. Of course, protect your brand! Be sure to take the time to secure a federal trademark for your brand. 

I’d love to hear about things you do to show “LOVE” to your brand.

Please leave a comment below.