Congratulations on taking the next steps to secure federal trademark registration on your trademark! Now, you’re at a crossroad! Should you really hire a trademark attorney to prosecute your trademark application? You have the right to prosecute trademark applications pro-se (without an attorney) or represented by counsel. It’s your choice. However, choose wisely!

If you file a trademark represented by competent trademark council, here are the benefits:
1. The prosecution of your trademark application may be shortened because you avoid the unnecessary back and forth with the USPTO when you make mistakes.
2. Your trademark attorney can help you to police and enforce your trademark.
3. Your trademark attorney can respond to an office action on your behalf.
4. Your trademark attorney can defend your mark in a proceeding.
5. Your trademark attorney can ensure you know the scope of your trademark rights…

Remember, when you file a trademark application, the process is a legal process. It will likely cost you more money to pay a trademark attorney to fix your mistakes and some mistakes may even require you to refile your entire application! You may want to consider hiring a trademark attorney to use your time to do what you do best…grow your brand and actually sell your products and services!rejectedSo, are you going to hire a trademark attorney to prosecute your trademark application?